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Here at Stem Cell Adelaide we have all options available to advise and help with painful, worn out joints, ligaments and strains by using biological methods.
You are welcome to book an initial consultation with Dr Marzola and Dr Nara at our biological therapy clinic. We would like you to try all conservative measures for pain management also, which may include the following:
– Reduce weight if appropriate
– Reduce use of joint
– Non-weight bearing exercise
– Orthotics / brace
– Medications to take – Fish oil, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Panadol Osteo and Anti-inflammatories
We will run through a consultation checklist with you, where we will examine your walk, stance, and the painful joint(s) and set out a plan for you with both the above mentioned and our biological treatments. Please bring along any x-rays or MRI scans that you may have and any medical correspondence to help aid your consultation.
Here at Stem Cell Adelaide we have been able to help many people to improve comfort of warn painful joints to avoid joint replacement.

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